Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Congrats to Robert G. Edwards, Nobel Prize Winner

The co-inventor of in-vitro fertilization finally is recognized by the Nobel folks. Congratulations to you, Dr. Edwards, and all you've helped directly and indirectly for the last 40 years.

Follow that link to see all of the responses people around the world have left. The one that particularly caught my eye? This:

"Congratulation for winning prize you deserve world is looking more number of Robert G. Edwards""
- varahalarao vadlapudi, Andhra University

Now, Varahalarao, it's all well and good to congratulate the man, but when you're talking about someone who had access to the resources in order to clone himself a billion times over, you really need to watch what you're suggesting here...

did I take this too far??? Probably...

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