Friday, October 19, 2007

So I'm morbidly consumed

the hits just keep coming.. I'm not searching them out, I just see them in the paper. If I had a sense of humor today, I'd see the irony in all of this - but it just makes me ill. I don't get it. Insight, anyone? WTF?


Beagle said...

At least there is some attempt at justice there.

It's so awful to read/hear this stuff. Life is not fair, that's for sure.

It's something of a joke at our house, but the only section I read in the paper is the funnies. But the reason I avoid the rest is not funny at all . . .

Meghan said...

Gotta love it, 28, third child, born addicted, doesn't even talk to her other 2 kids. Totally makes sense why stable, healthy people can't get pregnant. least she's charged with murder