Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why them?

Every once in a while, I come across a news story that involves an infant or a child and some grotesque abomination that their only-considered-a-parent-due-to-matching-dna caretakers inflicted upon them. Sometimes I've actually read stories and just sat there and cried. But always - ALWAYS - when I read about abuse to children, as a person who has struggled to bring my own biological into the world, I wonder - "why them?".

It never gets me anywhere, and yeah - we all know that there are crack babies born by the bakers dozen on any given day, but I read the following story, and I just couldn't get away from it. Why them? Why her?


Beagle said...

Why indeed.

Frank N. Beans said...

The link expired, but I think that unfortunately we are all too familiar with some of the eff'd up things that people do.

offsprung said...

link fixed (for now) - thanks for the heads up.

Trevor said...

Jeez, what a story. Why indeed?

On a separate note: nice to see you back, Offsrung. Where've you been?